Steps to Stop Hunger

Our SAM Ministries team and professional partners have been working overtime since we found out in late June that the main donor for our feeding program would not be able to continue their generous support due to covid and needs elsewhere. This has created both a challenge and an opportunity for us to launch this chance for you to engage with us directly to stop the devastating impacts of malnutrition for hundreds and in some cases thousands!

Please follow the link to the website our team has prepared and engage in any way you can to help us achieve our goal so we can keep feeding hungry babies and children.

We here at the mission in Mozambique are organizing our own walk-a-thon and encouraging our staff and mission team to donate whatever they are able to help us achieve our goal by November 30th this year. We will be sharing news and ideas on our Facebook and through other social media spaces and look forward to seeing what creative ideas come together to  help us raise the resources needed.

Click on the link below to watch the video and keep a look out for weekly short videos and share these with your church, family and friends! Thank you!