Steps to Stop Hunger Update

We are a month into our 2022 campaign and so excited to see the tracker filling in! Already many people have given so generously. A number of people have also done fundraiser walks and taken their own literal steps to stop hunger with support from friends and family. Thanks to all these efforts, we are currently sitting 608 bags on our way to 3000.

Dwight recently did an update video sharing again the importance of our feeding program. He also shared how our Mozambican staff along with some of our sponsorship students, other government officials and pastors in our training program have participated and contributed to help their own people. It is so wonderful to see the willingness and joy they have in being a part of Steps to Stop Hunger.

I encourage you to watch the video…

You can join us and take your own steps to bring hope and stop hunger in Mozambique!

How to be a part of STEPS to STOP HUNGER

The 2022 program runs from July 15 to September 15


Get the package

Learn about the need for annual funding and how your contribution can make all the difference.


Host a fundraiser walk

Take your “steps” by buying a bag of corn, doing a walk, or sponsoring someone who is.


Buy bags of corn

Just $25 buys a bag of corn!
Track our progress towards the goal and watch for updates along the way!


Make a difference

Purchasing corn bags will ensure we can feed hungry Mozambicans every year.

Let’s keep the momentum going!
Every step taken and bag of corn bought gets us one step closer to reaching our goal!