Ready to launch…10,9,8…

After a very special commissioning service in April, Josh and Chelsea were able to attend the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies International conference in Winnipeg. This was a great opportunity for them to meet a number of pastors and make connections which enabled them to visit a number of churches since then. In fact one church in Seattle has invited them down for a service in September as well as a result of contacts made  at the conference.

The SAM Ministries board at our last meeting just decided unanimously to finalize a depart date. Housing has been organized in Brazil, an intensive Portuguese course identified and a number of areas Josh and Chelsea will engage with the mission while in Brazil for just over two months.  This is an important milestone and we ask your prayers and support as this couple launches on this challenging adventure!

The following  letter was prepared for all who are following Josh and Chelsea…

27th June, 2018

Dear Friends,

It is with significant excitement that I write this letter to communicate that the SAM Ministries board last night unanimously agreed to step out in faith with Josh and Chelsea, their home church the Fathers House Church in Morinville, and all of you to send Josh and Chelsea off to Mozambique (via Brazil) on October 1st or as soon thereafter as possible. They will be spending two months in very intensive Portuguese studies in Brazil and immersed in our mission there where they will have numerous opportunities to serve and practice all they are learning.  To some this may sound like a fun holiday, but the stark reality is that this is mind-numbing hard, hard work to say the least. So, they will need your prayer, your support, and your encouragement.

With this date now set, we and the Father’s House leadership, want to welcome all those who feel they want to partner financially in the support of Josh and Chelsea to start your giving as soon as you are able. We are hoping by the end of August to have an indication of the support level Josh and Chelsea will have, and naturally our primary concern is to ensure this young couple is cared for and that their needs are met. It may help to know that any giving to SAM Ministries for Josh and Chelsea’s support (Youth and Health Ministries Coordinator) is kept for their budgets regardless of when that support starts.

Thank you for your partnership in this long awaited next step in Josh and Chelsea’s journey. We know God has awesome things ahead as we launch out courageously to build His people and His Kingdom.

Sincere best regards,

Dwight Lagore
SAM Ministries Mozambique Field Director