Prevention Versus Cure!

It would be hard to find someone to disagree that stopping, fueling up and continuing a journey is by far preferable to blindly rushing on down the highway only to run out of fuel far from anywhere. Although this happens from time to time, if it happens once to you, you will likely never let it happen again! In a small way this illustrates how critical and important our maintenance facility is to the efficient and productive success of the mission out here. And we are so grateful it is taking shape.

We are already using the unfinished facility for regular servicing of the mission vehicles and every time we use it, we achieve something we simply would not likely have achieved without it. On at least two occasions now we have discovered damage and/or lose bolts that would have resulted in serious and costly damage down the road, to say nothing of the inconvenience and delays we would have faced to get the repairs done.

Prosper in the pit

Loose bolts found

CV joint boot found loose on a routine service

The goal right now is to get the main walls and support pillars up and install the windows. Rick Cogbill and Mercy Tech Mission have worked hard along with the Summerland Baptist Church to raise the remaining funds to get this done. We are estimating that another $4,000 is needed before the end of December to achieve our goal. The thrust in the New Year will be to then raise the remaining resources in preparation for the Mercy Tech team’s intended visit in March when they hope to install the roof.

Progress is slow due to wall height, heavy blocks, and cement shortages.

Ultimately our goal is the effective training of Mozambicans who will learn a skill that will change their lives! Professional training that is Christ-centered empowers people to Love God and enables them to love others in ways they simply could not do without the training.

Your participation in any small way can help us achieve these important projects. Thank you!