Four Accommodation Units Completed

Although there remain small items to finish up, four accommodation units have been completed at our training center and we are so grateful. As you can follow on our projects page, these four units are the start to the first village of 6 units. This means we need two more units to complete the first village.

The blessing of these accommodation units is hard to fully express. The leaders who have come for training cannot stop talking about how much these units make their  stay and study here a blessing. Tents are good for a time, but that time is coming to an end as our tents wear out! Not only so, but  the work of setting up and taking down all the tents is time consuming and costly as well.  And unless you have experienced it, it is  difficult to appreciate how hot it is in a tent in the African sun and how miserable it is in a tent in the African rain! And, these units are now available, not only  for the leaders. 

These units are used when we bring our school teachers in for ongoing discipling, mentoring and training. They accommodate our orphans and sponsored children during VBS and special training times. And they are available for our Leadership Training Supervisors when they come for planning and training times. With the growth of numbers in schools and leaders in training, we will likely have to add intensive training weeks into the schedule and having these units completed will enable us to do this effectively and efficiently. 



Thank you for praying with us and giving as you  are able to make these villages a reality!