Another breakthrough on the long journey to certification

After 5 years of hard work toward getting the airstrip constructed on the mission in Mozambique, we have now finally submitted all the documentation to Civil Aviation in Maputo (the capital city half a country away). This is the second time we have submitted the process; the first was 3 months back after which we were notified that instead of opening the airstrip, Civil Aviation now needed another document!

During the time it has taken us to build, those responsible decided that it was important to do an environmental study on projects in Mozambique. And our airstrip project fell into class B…thankfully since it would only cost $7,000 instead of $60,000 for the study! To cut to the chase, God opened doors and with the great negotiating skills of Joao, our Mozambican missionary, we were able to seal a deal to get the work done for $3,000.  Well almost 2 months later, last week we received the final environmental license and now the process has been submitted in triplicate once again. Please pray with us that we have favor with those in authority and that we can finally open this important piece of infra-structure to speed our work to so many who need help.

Hangar doors being installed

Hangar doors being installed

Presently Andy (our Swiss-Canadian Pilot) is working hard on getting the hangar doors installed and he  is making awesome progress. Thank you to all who are praying and supporting to make this happen.

Hangar doors 2

One side complete, the last started…beautiful!

While all this is happening, Lynn and I (Dwight) are back in Canada for the wedding of our son. Thankfully this does not require too many hard to get documents, but even so, Russell is desperately trying to get his thesis done for his Masters in Bio-Medical Engineering at the University of Alberta. A job is pending down in Minnesota and wedding plans are in full swing.

Bob's Plane

Bob Guzak’s plane “Charlie Golf Hotel Sierra Tango” ready for the 1 hour 40 minute flight to Ft. McMurray. Sure beats the 4 to 5 hour drive!

During this time it has been such a blessing to have had a chance to do some flying with good friends. Bob Guzak, who owns his own Cessna 182 (same basic aircraft as the missions), has made it available for me to use to get used to the instrument system here in Canada again and we have had the chance to do some flying. Bob and Marty Massey (another pilot friend) flew us up to Ft McMurray to spend a week with our daughter. While there we had the privilege to share with McMurray Gospel Assembly who are one of our main sponsoring churches. They so generously donated over $26,000 toward a new emergency and support vehicle for the work in Mozambique and we were all ecstatic and humbled by the generosity of God’s people!

The awesome Pastors and Staff at McMurray Gospel Assembly made our visit there very special!

The awesome Pastors and Staff at McMurray Gospel Assembly made our visit there very special!

Paperwork (Certification) is a requirement of life, and getting it is not often easy, but the journey we are on is as important as the destination and it is awesome to ride the highs and lows together!