A Year-End Miracle!

Those who follow SAM Ministries news know we have been fundraising for a new truck since August 2019. The truck the mission has used for the past 12 years is now 19 years old and we simply cannot find spare parts for it. Not only so, it burned through close to 600 liters of oil last year and often just quits running due to poor engine compression.

As a result, we launched the fundraiser for a replacement truck and a supporting church decided to help us get this started on their Thanksgiving Sunday, October 2019. They gave generously and as a result we had 5% of the funding in hand. Prior to my return to the U.S. and Canada in December 2019, Josh McManus and our  amazing team of video support people helped us get a video together to promote the truck project (you can see the video on our YouTube site). But to our amazement and gratitude, one of our donors sent in a donation that covered the entire price of the new truck purchase!! Praise the Lord with us and pray with us for God’s blessing on our generous donors and on the truck, that they and  it may continue to bring glory to our amazing and gracious Provider!