A Providential Meeting

“As Bill Green and I awaited boarding our flight to Beira Mozambique, I was amazed by the new departure gates for destinations in the region from Johannesburg International Airport. We were tired after the long flights from Edmonton through Chicago on to Sao Paulo, Brazil. And then after a rather tense layover, not being sure of our onward flight, we had just endured the 10 and a half hour over-water flight to Johannesburg from Brazil. We were already a day behind schedule due to our first flight from Edmonton being cancelled. After spending the better part of the day in the Edmonton airport, we were assured the airline would get us on flights the next day, but the travel agent was not as sure about it. Needless to say, this had added some additional stress to this already long trip.

As we were now minutes from boarding on the last leg of our trip to Beira, I looked up and surprise-surprise, Kevin Tidy was boarding the flight with us. Kevin is an engineer who has become a good friend and supporter of the mission in Mozambique. He is a businessman in Mozambique and has made his aircraft hangar available for our use at no charge. This past year he offered to do the engineering needed for the mission airstrip. Weather and other delays kept the remaining work from happening on the airstrip in December last year, and one of my priorities in the two weeks I had in Mozambique this trip was to look Kevin up and try to see where we were as far as progress toward the plan. And well….here he was!

The providential meeting with Kevin translated into another on-site meeting with the engineers and our team in Mozambique (Ron Wayner, Andy Kuret, Rick Neufeld and Charles Sixpense) and final plans were made for the work to be completed.


On March 21st, the heavy duty equipment arrived and immediately set to work on the airstrip.


Please keep the entire team and work in your prayers. Thank you!”


By Dwight Lagore