A miracle in the making

If I could have believed this was really possible from the outset, I am sure the journey to achieving it would have been more enjoyable. The fallacy of great achievement is that the one who had the dream never doubted they could achieve that dream. I think this is probably why many times we give up on worth-while endeavor much too soon. Does fear of failure want to choke the life out of you at times? YES! Does doubt want to drown you in its dark and stormy waters? Yes! But faith, even though barely a flicker at times, feeds hope and love, and enables the courage to keep going. And that is what has enabled yet another miracle to be achieved here in central Mozambique.

A view from the Mercy Air Helicopter

Yesterday, inspectors from the ministry of Transport and Communications along with the director of the Provincial airport and Air Traffic control came and carried out what is anticipated as the final inspection of the runway. The pictures that follow are what they encountered. And by all verbal feedback (paperwork is still to follow), the SAM Ministries’ ASAM Mucombeze Airstrip is approved and will be open in due course! (Mucombeze is the location of the mission base)

Mucombeze (the airstrip location), Parking area and Hangar

We cannot adequately express our appreciation to so many supporters and colleagues who had the faith with us to believe this was possible. Royden and Ruth Lepp, along with the Lepp family who willingly took this project on in honor of Ed Lepp (a veteran and passionate aviator), were key in stimulating a major part of the financing for this project, and so many of you joined them.

A short term visitor helping with one of the first surveys

Our team here in Mozambique worked extremely hard together to help achieve this mile-stone. Many short-termers, who helped and encouraged at times when the end to this project was simply not visible to the natural eye, also left their mark. Even though it is likely some left Mozambique wondering if this project would ever see completion, their contribution is valued and made a difference.

The beautiful camber of the runway and markers

We also had the generous and invaluable donation of time and expertise from a local business man and engineer (and aviator) who has been a support to the mission for some time providing hangar space and now providing the survey and input during construction of the airstrip.

The cool crew

11 cubic meters each of stone and sand for the hangar floor

The materials for the hangar floor are presently being transported to the site (thanks to Charles, our foreman, and his team of cool dudes) and although there are many projects vying for attention, we hope to have the floor in within the next few months. An idea we are floating is to have a team of qualified people come and oversee the construction and installation of the hangar doors, so keep this in your prayers.

The Cessna 182 still comfortably resting in a Mercy Air hangar in South Africa (thanks to the grace and patience of these good people), now has it’s Mozambican registration and is awaiting inspection in early December, all going well.

Mozambique registration C9 along with the first Canadian registration Charlie Bravo Kilo

It is clear that every effort to efficiently and effectively reach, teach and empower people is what this mission and all those involved are about! Thank you for being a part of this worthwhile effort.