A chance to take the next steps in life!

Madala, (meaning “old man”) is a lively, happy 8-year-old boy who has needed urgent medical help from the mission in the past 2 years. Many of you have already generously given to his treatment and recovery and we are incredibly thankful for this!

Madala’s father brought him to the mission just over 2 years ago. He was malnourished and unable to walk due to a severe infection in his leg. The infection had invaded and destroyed much of his shin bone. Our health team worked with the family to improve his nutrition, treat the infection, reduce his risk of fracturing the delicate and thin remaining bone, and prepare for the much-needed surgery to removed diseased tissue. We have prayed much for Madala through this whole process!

Following surgery, we saw significant improvements. But he still walked with a limp and one leg was shorter than the other. This, we learned, is because the infection had first attacked and destroyed much of his hip joint before moving to the bottom of his leg. Recently, we began to see evidence of returning infection.  Upon consultation with Madala’s doctors it was determined that we have reached the limits of the health care system here in Mozambique, so we decide to pursue further treatment. The next option is for Madala to be seen by orthopaedic specialists in Malawi. To that end, we are seeking your help once again!  The cost of this first step is approximately $3,500.  This will cover the cost of the initial consult and lab work and xrays, as well as transportation, food, and accommodations while in Malawi.

This is only the first step however, of a potentially long journey. The full extent of his current health need is still unclear but we do know that as his body matures, he will require at least one prosthetic hip surgery to allow him to walk independently again. Right now he requires urgent treatment to address this chronic, ongoing infection. And there will be follow up care for that as well.  So, as we invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us financially and in prayer. We proceed recognizing that this is only the first step of more.  We foresee a continuing need for funds to support Madala, but our heart and prayer is that through your generosity and support, Madala will one day be fully healthy and able to walk and live a productive life.

Click here to donate. Select “Mozambique General Funds” and add note “for Madala’s care”.

On behalf of samministries and the family…thank you!