The times we miscalculate!

This past week, just into the New Year, and we have been forced to face a challenge caused by my miscalculation. Now I know New York flooded and all from a storm that was not anticipated, but New York has been there for a few years, this bridge was just finished and this is the first rain season we anticipated using it. Although we still hoped to do some rock work to shore up the high side, it was put on the back burner since it had hardly rained at all in 2012 and we were facing what looked like a very bad drought year. Well the New Year came in with a vengeance and we had well over 100 mm of rain within a day, and well, the results below tell the story.

Although our work was solid and all stayed intact, the water just decided to ignore our efforts and went over and around washing out all the soil we so dutifully transported and packed. And just to rub a bit of salt into the wound, it is the week before school starts and we have materials and food and other supplies to get to the school.

Eric wading right in

We are blessed to have Eric and Elizabeth Benner with us from Fort McMurray and they have already been a huge blessing. Eric waded right in to see how deep the water was and we made it across with our four wheel drive. Meeting the parents in the pouring rain and planning for the children who will be studying in one of our extension locations was the order of business.

Concerned parents soaking wet from the rain anxious to hear next steps for their chidlren’s education

And although we got through the meeting okay even though the pelting rain on the zinc roof made it hard to hear, we didn’t make it through the river on the way back. The water had come up again and yet another miscalculation meant we had to call for help. After Eric and I hauled rock to put under one of the front tires, we made it through the river but got bogged down on the other side. Thankfully Rick Nuefeld along with a gang from our team showed up soon after and pulled us out, thanks guys!

A hole under the water slows progress

So now we have the privilege of another challenge to our long list! And it is at times like this we wish we had the same foresight as we do hindsight, but it is also good to know that these are the challenges that can pull us together and provide the opportunity to demonstrate the kind of love and persistence our Heavenly Father desires to show through us.