Visiting Africa…

By Cara Blanchette

I travelled to Mozambique after 20 years of hearing dad’s stories of all the times he went to visit Dwight and Lynn at the mission. It was an eye opening, heart wrenching, amazing experience!

cara and baby
Although I missed my wonderful hubby and beautiful kids immensely, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to go and to meet the young girl we have sponsored for the last few years. Her name is Jogina, and she has such a fun personality and an absolutely contagious laugh! She is one of three children who are still living, out of the eight her mother had. Since she is twelve, Jogina will probably be married off soon. I pray she will be alright.


There is so much sickness and death there, and without Dwight and Lynn and the mission, there would be so much more. It is amazing what they have accomplished in Mozambique for these people, with the Lord’s help! School, health centre, work for food program, orphan program, milk for babies program, training pastors, the list goes on and on! Anyone who is interested in helping in ANY way, please visit S.A.M. Ministries website and you can donate online. Seeing first hand how much my mere $360 a year to sponsor a child helps, I can tell you, it is actually saving and changing a life! You hear it on those commercials on t.v., or read about it, but I actually got to see and experience it! When Jogina’s mom thanked me for helping her family, it was very touching and humbling. It gives them hope, and it teaches them about God’s love for each and every one of them. Knowing that Jogina can now go to school for a whole year with her very own bag, notebook and pen, and she is given one complete outfit, one meal a day, and a warm blanket at night puts a smile in my heart. She is taught how to read and write so that she can provide a better life for her family one day.
I thank the Lord for this opportunity and hope to go back one day with my husband and kids:)