VBS 2013

In late October, we had a WONDERFUL week with 130 of the school children from the Mission’s School as we led 5 days of Vacation Bible School. This year our focus and theme was “Health” so we had daily lessons from Simon (one of the mission’s health workers) on different topics such as healthy eating, hygiene, oral care, etc. Rick also shared Bible Stories that related to these topics. The kids memorized Mark 12:30- Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your mind.

Of course we had the usual fun with water balloon games, tag, wet sponge water fights, hula hoops, play dough, crafts, and everyone’s favorite part- yummy food!

Once again we are so thankful for everyone who makes VBS possible. The nutritious meals we serve, the staff we work with, the supplies we are able to purchase are all a direct result of support SAM Ministries receives from faithful donors.

Enjoy the photos- fun, food, faith and fellowship are the words that describe the wonderful time we all had at VBS this year!

Grade 1 students playing a water game.

Grade 1 students playing a water game.

Wearing a milk mustache!

Craft time with play dough.

Hoola hoops are fun in so many ways. Good for coordination too!


All those activities work up a very good appetite! And we’re set to brush our teeth immediately afterwards!

Several hundred oranges were donated at just the right time. They were sweet and enjoyed by all!

VBS 13, day 2 - 116

VBS 13, day 2 - 107

VBS 13, day 2 - 056

Getting doused by a water balloon is a good thing in this heat.

VBS 13, day 2 - 008

Health lesson by Simon (health worker and preschool teacher).

Last Import - 17

Last Import - 44

Last Import - 48

Last Import - 52

Last Import - 84

Our students now head into summer and Christmas holidays…VBS is sure a great way to kick start the season.