Serving through Volunteering

My name is Jodi Dobson and I am from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse on a surgical unit in Red Deer.

I came to Mozambique in 2010 for my last nursing practicum and knew then that I would come back if I was able. As life happened, Mozambique was still on my heart and I decided with some fear to trust God and obey what had become his prompting to go. While here I have been helping Lynn lots with office work and things that will help the children in their studies learn to read better.

We have gone on several home visits where I have seen some very sick people. I have also helped the soccoristaʼs in the clinic on a couple busy mornings. It is educational watching and assisting them in their work.

A socorrista (health worker) weighs a baby who receives infant formula from the mission’s milk program.

I enjoy helping the people here very much. One of the people I have seen the most during our home visits has been a very old granny. She is 101 years old. Even though she is very sick she always smiles and the joy goes straight to her eyes. We took a little chair to her that a couple of guys at the wood shop made. I can not understand what she says but the look of pleasure was all that was needed. Spending time with her makes me appreciate the basic comforts I have.

Proudly holding up her birth registration card.

She is teaching me to take joy in the little things and be content with what God has given me.

Life is a gift and I am privileged to have shared this time with many wonderful people.