School’s out!

By Francois Rauch
It’s that time of the year again.  And to be honest I’m not sure that the kids enjoy this time very much.  The end of the school year!  In the western world ….. school is only a …. well – “that time during the day where you just have to get out of bed and drag your feet to another educational … nightmare.”  Perhaps … or maybe I am over-exaggerating .  In Mozambique schools are the one place where you find hope.  A light in a dark educational tunnel.   Especially if you are in rural Mozambique where there is not a school around every corner (or bush).  You have to walk far to get there!  And even if school does close down for the year …. kids still gather there daily … just to hang out.  Or as I asked a student:  “So why do you actually hang out if school already closed?”  He frowned … as if he was wondering why I would ask such a dumb question in the first place.  “I belong here and I like it here!”  There is something hidden in our African schools – maybe it’s a place of dreams and hopes yet to be fulfilled.  Nobody wants to leave … just in case the school doesn’t open next year.  And I like the fact that kids like school.


With all of that said …. our closing ceremonies are always a blast.  Saying good bye to our preschoolers was a joyous occasion as they are getting ready to continue to “the big school”, as they call it.  GRADE 1!  We called in the V.I.P.  (that is our primary school headmaster) to hand out certificates for preschoolers and ended off with a prize giving party.


We captured … as usual … the day with a few photos:
Before you can get your certificate as a preschooler you have to prove to the headmaster of the primary school and your parents that you actually can read and write your name.  Little Abraham wrote his name and was very chuffed with himself in the process … thus the grin, I think!
First, there were a few words, then the certificate-giving ceremony.
Janette Stone (left) helped us to bring more smiles to the faces of our preschoolers.  
Simon Nicalao (right) was our pre-school teacher for the year.
And Sr. Almeida (back), community school headmaster and guest of honor.

Janette, Sr. Almeida, & Francois with proud preschoolers.

Time to pose proudly with their parents, their teacher (Simon), and their certificates.  
“We are starting our careers!”
  Then, party time …..!