School Year End Party

November marks the end of the Mozambican school year and so, amid the excitement of the bridge opening just the day before, we celebrated our school’s closure for the holidays. Our largest classroom was jamb packed with the overwhelming turn out of students and parents alike.

untitled event - 147

There was hardly even sitting room left on the floor!

untitled event - 148

Prizes were handed out to those who put special effort into their school work.

untitled event - 134

auntitled event - 142

Joao (School Director–below center) along with teachers and students who took achievement certificates home. What a great way to start the holidays!
untitled event - 150

Children also received their colorful sponsorship ID cards with a special verse on the back. They LOVE these cards…for most it’s the only photo get have of themselves to take home.
untitled event - 166

Definitely beautiful big smiles all around.
untitled event - 177


We are also excited that the library building has made wonderful progress! Here, visitors from England who have supported the library project post in front of it. Currently, windows and doors are being made in our woodshop. We do look forward to the use of this building next year. We need it!


For all who have given toward the library, school, and sponsorship program, thank you! Your help is essential in keeping children in school and inspired to keep pressing forward.