School Is Out!

preschoolersFor some of you, summer holidays during Christmas may sound out of place. But for school children in Mozambique, it’s the norm. Classes are dismissed in October, about the time our temperatures start to soar. For the mission school in Mozambique, this is a good time to run a week long VBS. This year, VBS was organized and run by Rick and Heather Neufeld. Here is their report:

“The whole week of VBS went wonderfully! Thank you all so much for praying, aside from the first day, which was really hot, the rest of the week was just wonderful, overcast and “cool”. The kids had a great time, the activities and lessons went well and many of the kids memorized the Bible Verse so well, they were able to recite it at the school closing the next week for their parents. We are so proud of all the kids and teachers who really put a lot of effort into memorizing, carrying water, cleaning the school and making VBS a success.”

Once VBS was over, it was time for the school’s year-end party. There was fun and food for all, plus prizes for those with highest marks. ID cards that are specially prepared in Canada were distributed to each child. These are brightly colored cards that contain an inspirational verse or message, plus the child’s photo. What a privilege it is in this setting to have a photo of oneself. The children were delighted! And now, may the holidays begin.