School children get personal attention

Sponsoring a child gives that child a chance for a better education, but a better education is not guaranteed without a lot of personal love and attention. Loving children involves giving them this kind of personal attention and Joao (John), who received sponsorship himself through SAM Ministries in Mozambique, is now giving others this kind of care. He writes…

“Monitoring, assisting, and supporting students are three key ways that I have been involved with the Mozambique mission school and its students over the past year. I meet with students, who are supported by the mission, weekly on Saturdays to talk, study, explain concepts, demonstrate math or science problems, help them develop better study methods, and to learn how to better organize their schoolwork and study time.

During my time with the students, I have encountered the same challenges that you find in students everywhere, like disorganization, lack of discipline in studies, and the resulting lack of self-confidence and disinterest in their studies.  Our objective in tutoring was, of course, to help students overcome these through additional time spent with them focused on problem areas.

As we’ve worked with these students, we’ve witnessed wonderful results as they have acquired a much more solid understanding of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. What has touched us all so much is the awareness that not only has a good relationship developed between us, but also that the students are growing in their knowledge and the work we do together is bearing fruit.

Flora Rodrigue Toalha and Hortência Saide, some of the girls who participate, say how much they appreciate this opportunity to focus on learning. Also noteworthy is the fact that one of the students, Langalidzai Beni, was selected from his class in Vanduzi to participate in the “Basic Mathematics Olympiad”, an academic competition between 4 schools.

This program of tutoring results not only in academic achievement, but also in trust and relationship building since students who are doing well in higher grades assist students in lower grades in need of help. At the end of schooling, we want these students who have received help today to continue to assist, monitor and support others.”

Joao Benjamim with students

João Benjamim – SAM Ministries Mozambique