Saturdays are GREAT for Learning

Weekdays of course are typically the times when students do the bulk of their learning. But those sponsored by the mission benefit from an added advantage–private tutoring on Saturdays. That may not sound like a very fun weekend activity to many kids out there, but most of these kids lap it up. The opportunity to receive focused help with school work is an opportunity that very few others have in these parts. It also gives them a good “excuse” to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

tutoring under trees 2

They don’t meet in a classroom or library as many kids would in more developed countries, but in the shade under trees, in the dirt, using whatever is accessible to sit and write on. This is very much the reality for many Mozambicans living in rural settings. The kids’ one lament is that with the changing season now, the tree’s leaves are starting to fall and their shady spot is rapidly shrinking. So this weekend, their program will be a bit different. They will come to the mission to cut tall grass which will be used to put up a traditional thatched roof. This will become their new open-air, well shaded Saturday learning spot!

tutoring under trees

This whole Saturday effort is spearheaded by Joao Benjamim, a Mozambican missionary who has a heart for God and a passion for educating and mentoring young people. He sets each Saturday aside for the sole purpose of investing in the lives of these young people and challenging them to achieve their fullest potential. And to love God.
Joao explaining

Thanks to the student sponsorship funds, we are able to ensure these students have all they need to be successful in their studies: a place to stay, food, and study materials. And of course, in and through it all, learning about God’s love and faithfulness to them.
student doing board work
Hands-on practice under Joao’s watchful eye.

students gathered studying
Students excitedly examine new books. It’s wonderful to see the children of illiterate parents knowing how to read and so engaged in the process of learning.

student with supplies
Please keep these young people in your prayers as they grow in both academic knowledge and in their faith. Your prayers are also appreciated for Joao as he impacts these students by loving them, teaching them, and providing the right role model for them at this very important stage in their lives.

kids w new books