New School Year Begins in Mozambique!

First day of school-SAM Ministries

Laughter and excited chatter filled the air the other day as nearly 300 students turned up to register for the 2012 school year at SAM Ministries’ school in Mozambique.  During the welcome and general orientation time, parents thanked the school for giving their children a chance to receive an education and, as a result, a better life.  With the plans to improve our programs at the school this year, it promises to be a busy one!

A new teacher has been added to the school’s staff and her primary responsibility will be to work with the children to improve their reading skills.  We will also be focusing on Bible education and character development. For the older children, we will be introducing training sessions in the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and leadership.
Joao Gimo

We are thankful for students who appreciate their school and its value to them. Francois (Education Ministry Leader) notes, “As I travel up and down [to the school] I constantly have to stop and answer kids – ‘Francisco, when do we start school?’ It’s not just about enjoying school and the education – it’s the fact that they belong.  It has become a place where dreams are born.”  Take for example one of the top students in our program, Joao Gimo (being carried by teachers in photo).  He has recently completed grade 10 with distinction and voiced his appreciation saying, ‘If it wasn’t for this school I would have never achieved what I have achieved.  I have a dream to become an accountant and with the mission’s help, that will become a reality.'” Joao is actively involved in serving his local church where he was recently selected to serve as lay pastor.