Fruit takes time!

I purchased this coconut tree 10 hours South of us in 1998! At that time it was just  a small stalk with a few leaves poking out of a coconut. After the long trip home, I planted it and took care of it as best I could. When the mission had to move to our new property, I dug it up and planted it  beside the new mission office we built.

Every year, I have wondered if it would ever produce anything. But it kept growing and started showing signs that it was making the attempt. This year finally, after 20 years of love and care, it has produced the three nice looking coconuts you see.

A few minutes ago, I had the chance to meet with 10 of our students who will be travelling and writing entry exams to a variety of schools to continue their studies. These kids started with us and we have watched them grow for many years. We see so much potential in them and are confident that  if we are patient and persistent, the fruit will come. Please pray with us for them as they take on new and difficult  challenges.

As you look back at this past year, although I am confident many of you will feel that there is so much more you wished you could have achieved. Know that you have achieved more than you realize, and by God’s grace commit to trusting that as you remain faithful, at the right time, He will bring the increase.

Thank you for your prayers and  support during 2018! May God richly bless each of you as you celebrate the  passing of yet another year and our prayers for a prosperous and fruitful year for you in 2019!