Education Days in Mozambique

Over the past few weeks, we have had the privilege of receiving a number of short term mission guests. Among them was a team from Mercy Air, South Africa. Anne Herbert, one of Mercy Air’s team members, has provided much help and support to our student remedial education effort over the years already. She was able to accompany the current team and dedicate her time here to helping train mission staff members in student assessment and basic literacy and numeracy activities.

SAM Ministries education week with Anne Herbert

This will help us strengthen our students’ foundation in reading, math, and learning in general–all so critical as they grow and as their minds develop!


picture charts for learning numbers and alphabet

Staff members who will monitor student progress and provide encouragement and instruction to students got plenty of fun, hands-on training.

Thankfully, there is no age restriction on learning. A session was also conducted for general staff members who are fathers, husbands, and heads of their homes. It was heart warming to see their enthusiasm to learn in anticipation of being able to help their families, and others, learn better as well!