Visiting Caçador


On Wednesday two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to go with a group of people to visit Cacador. A very remote community about 40 km from Itaperucu, nestled in the mountains with only one very bumpy dirt road going in and out. To give you a little idea of just how bad the road is…it took us a little over 2 hours to drive those 40 km! The picture above is a view of the church and bit of the community taken from where the mission school is located. There are 53 families in the community and the closest school is 22 km away, where some of the children attend. However the buses don’t always run because the road is often impassable and so the children miss a lot of school. Needless to say there is a lot of poverty and need… We went to see how the school building is coming along, deliver a stove to the school and to visit some of the families in the community. It was so good to see the building that will provide an opportunity for children to go to school and the whole community to receive medical and dental care. Included in the school building, they have built an examining room for doctor consultations as well as a room with a dentist’s chair for dental care. Something many in this community wouldn’t have access to otherwise.
Here’s a few pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like…


One of the classrooms

Supplies all ready for the school to open and lessons to begin!

A well stocked library

Doctor’s room – Nothing fancy but pretty great when there’s nothing!

The Dental “Clinic”

It was a privilege to see what a very dedicated group of people have been able to accomplish…with lots of hard work and the generosity of people who want to make a difference. I tell you it takes dedication to be willing to give your time on a Saturday, endure the crazy road…all to bring hope to people who may otherwise be forgotten.

One of the families we visited really touched my heart. The father hadn’t been able to work for the last two months, because the pickup truck he and another guy had bought for going to and from work was stolen at gun point. He had sold the small car he owned to go in on the pickup, so he has no transportation to get to where the logging jobs are. He has tried to find work close to home, but being in such a remote area…there isn’t a lot of work. They have been living on credit from the small local store to feed their children. God placed it so strongly on my heart to give them some money…which I did. I didn’t know a lot of the story until after…because they were talking in Portuguese. But just that morning he had been praying and didn’t know how they were going to make a payment on their account and feed their children. Then we showed up! It still brings tears to my eyes as I think about it. I may never see them again and I know the money I gave won’t solve all their problems, but I was so glad to be a vessel to show God’s love. The fact that He saw there need and sent me…all the way from Canada!

Here is that family with Earl and Ruth – their youngest two children are twins!

Another house we visited

Once the school opens this little girl (and many others like her) will be able to receive an education…and then who knows the opportunities her future will hold.


At the same house pictured above…this was the “laundry room”! Seeing it was a HUGE reminder to me of all the blessings I have in my life….so much to be thankful for. On the way to this house we walked past a small mud creek…which I was told was where the family bathed. I’m so grateful for these opportunities to see these things…because it helps me to realize again what’s important in life. Often I take so much for granted, think I need the latest and the greatest thing…forgetting how blessed I am… LIFE is an amazing gift from God! There’s no greater joy than being able to show God’s love and bring hope to others. Each of us has a part…and I was privileged to see how people here are doing exactly that in this small little community of Cacador.