Self-taught leader receives recognition

Antonio lives in Cacador where the Mount Horeb Mission just opened a new school in 2015. He is a community leader and for years had been trying to get the government to build a school for the children in his community. Instead, the authorities decided to bus the children to a school two hours away. However due to the heavy rainfall the dirt roads become impassable. As a result the children got in less than half of their normal school days, and when it rained the bus didn’t bother coming around at all. Antonio never had the opportunity to go to school, and was concerned for the children that lived there. His persistence paid off. The newly built school also includes a dental and medical office and volunteers go out every week-end and provide these very necessary services for the people.

Antonio never had a chance to go to school, but has taught himself to read and write. Here he is receiving the certificate of ‘most honoured citizen’ of the year from the local government.

Class in session at school in Cacador.