School Fun & Learning!

By Ruth Trekofski

Before the first semester was over at Mount Horeb School, the students took part in a Cultural Week where many activities and fun games took place such as ‘Scavenger Hunt’, ‘Dress-up Days’, and a ‘Country Theme Party’, among others.

The scavenger’s hunt is on!

Dress up days are fun!

These fun times are planned every year to make the last week of school before the winter break a special fun time for all.

Besides being just fun though, the different activities add to the students’ academic and biblical knowledge as well.

Bible Treasure Hunt!

Recently, a visit to another school in town presented our students with the opportunity to share a presentation they had prepared on “Caring for Our Environment” with other students. Their presentation included a focus on “God as Creator”, giving them the chance to share their faith as well.

School Project presentation

There were other benefits as well, such as new friendships formed.

Field trip to another school = good things…like new friends.

It is such a privilege to be able to minister to the three hundred children that attend our school, and we ask your continued prayers on behalf of the work being carried on here in Brazil.