Pedaling With Dad

The Mount Horeb School planned a special cycling event in August to commemorate Father’s Day. Their objective was to reinforce the relationship between fathers and their children. There was a wonderful turnout of dads wanting to participate. With three hundred and forty children registered in our school you can imagine how many bikes showed up that day!

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We live in a world where ‘time’ is like a rare coin and hard to come by. Our days are so busy and full of various activities that it is more and more difficult to spend precious time together as a family. Hopefully this simple activity will motivate dads to re-schedule their time to include times of enjoyment and relaxation with their families.

We wanted the fathers to be the best example possible to their children so they had some special instructions. They were given 30 minutes in which to guide their children through town. First, they were to make sure they rode slowly and safely to avoid taking a spill. Second, was to teach them the proper side of the road for cyclists to use and to make sure they signaled when they made a turn. Last but not least the children were told to look out for pedestrians and vehicles and avoid collisions at all costs. It proved to be a very educational for both the kids and the dads.
One of the fathers brought his entire family to participate. He even had a bike rigged up especially for his blind daughter. After the event he won special mention and a small prize for the great consideration and love he showed for his handicapped daughter.
All in all it was a wonderful day and a huge success both for the children and for fathers.