Cacador Bicycle Drive:

When the volunteers of the Mount Horeb Mobile Clinic went to Cacador, the rural community they serve, they took along a special surprise for the children.

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It all began when the one of the volunteers saw a boy riding a bicycle that had no tires, no pedals and no chain. Image

That’s all it took to spur him on. He got two churches involved in collecting bicycles for the children in that community. They were asked to give only bikes in good working condition since the people in Cacador don’t have the money to fix them. In all they collected twenty bicycles, all in good working condition. The children could not believe their eyes and were happy and full of smiles as they chatted with volunteers when they were presented with the bicycles. Normally they are very shy and hide when visitors come to their homes.
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Shortly Mount Horeb will be officially opening a school for these children, and they and their parents have been anxiously awaiting the day. Just a few more hurdles to overcome in complying with government requirements, and we’re ready to go. For the first time ever these children will be able to attend a school right in their own community. All this is the result of reaching and ministering to the poor in the rural areas where these services are not available to them. God has helped us fulfill our motto of ‘Loving God and Serving Man’.