Our child sponsorship program in Brazil helps provide an education to children from poor homes who otherwise would simply not be able to attend school.

For $35 per month, you can help a child in need. Sponsorship covers a portion of a child’s school fees, daily lunch, a uniform, and school supplies.

As a sponsor, you will receive a picture of your child and are encouraged to pray for him/her. Updates are sent out each year along with an item written or drawn and colored by your child.

How to Sponsor a Child




  • Step 1: Click here
  • Step 2: Select requested details and finalize transaction.


By Cheque:

  • Send your cheque(s) and child sponsorship request to:

SAM Ministries
3715-85 St.
Edmonton, AB
T6K 3R9

  • Specify location (Brazil or Mozambique), type of sponsorship (Basic Sponsorship or Sponsorship Plus), and any age or gender of the child you would prefer to support.
  • Individual checks may be sent in each month.
  • Post-dated checks may be sent in for the time period you wish.


Donate via automatic debit
We now have an even easier way for you to give with an automated debit from your bank account. Please download this pdf form by clicking here, fill out this form and follow the submission instructions at the bottom when you are ready to send it in. Please include a cancelled cheque with the form and send to our Canadian address above.

Please note: SAM Ministries issues receipts for tax purposes for all donations that are mailed directly to our office. These receipts are posted once a year in time for your tax return.




SAM Ministries has a formal agreement with City Church, Madison, WI, for the receipting of donations from American donors. City Church will receipt your donations and grant these funds to SAM Ministries for the purposes you specify.


Online Donations (U.S.A.):

Online donations are given through City Church’s Secure Transfer online giving page. Simply go to the City Church giving page now by clicking here and start sponsoring your child. (But before you do read the 5 points below)

  • Fill out the information requested, noting a monthly donation if sponsoring a child monthly.
  • Click the “Missions” box.
  • In the box called “Additional Comments and Questions related to this donation,”  write “SAM Ministries Child Sponsorship Brazil” and the name of the child you have been given.
  • If you have not been assigned a child yet, specify your desired location (Brazil or Mozambique), type of sponsorship (Basic Sponsorship or Sponsorship Plus), and any age or gender preferences.
  • Confirm and authorize your donation.
  • Print your receipt


Donating by check (by mail):

  • Make check out to “City Church”
  • Include a note stating “For SAM Ministries Emergency Feeding Program.”
  • Mail to:

City Church
Attention: Nancy Van Maren
4909 E. Buckeye Road
Madison, WI 53716
(608) 221-1528

Thank you!

If a child has not yet been assigned to you, one will be chosen and the details will be sent to you by mail (or email–you can state your preference)

More About the School


The main school, based at the mission in Brazil, offers preschool to Grade 12, a daycare, and vocational training. The mission also runs a school (Grades 1, 2, &3) in the remote community of Caçador. Because of the economical disparity in Brazil, the school has as its goal to offer quality education to students from all walks of life. Its curriculum, which was developed based on Bible principles and values, provides an effective vehicle for sharing The Good News with students and their families.

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