Indiana into Africa: An African Aviation Adventure

To Give People a Chance in Life

The Edmonton Journal called him “Indiana Bob” because he along with Tory and Cam braved a 95 hour flight in a Cessna 182 over ocean, the frozen North, England, France and finally down the entire continent of Africa. Ron and Barb Wayner did much the same in a Cessna 185 and later, Ron and Paul Wayner repeated the feat in a Beech 18 with an engine failure that almost spelled disaster. But these are only a few of the many brave, generous, faithful and persistent people who have invested their lives to bring hope to people in places many have never heard of.

Ed Lepp, who miraculously survived an aircraft accident on a frozen lake in Northern Manitoba many years ago, recently passed away. But he left an aviator’s legacy that is being promoted by Royden and Ruth–an airstrip in Africa presently being completed as a result of the Ed Lepp aviation memorial and the many people who have generously participated.

Others yet have donated to enable the building of a hangar and have made significant contribution toward the purchase of a Kodiak aircraft. The hangar is now along-side the runway waiting for a floor and doors but this story is far from finished. Come see the aircraft, hear more of the story and become an important name as we together tell the rest of the story.

The Need

  • Children without schools
  • Orphans without care-givers
  • Families without basic health services
  • Communities without adequate food production to enable healthy development
  • Poorly trained pastors and community leaders who need to be equipped to effectively lead their people out of poverty

These are the realities one routinely encounters in rural Mozambique. This country is slowly recovering from a long civil war that destroyed its infrastructure and resulted in millions of people not having a chance for education or productive development. But the people of Mozambique are resilient, hard-working, and eager to learn. But they need your help!

The Tools
Strategic Action Mission Ministries (SAM Ministries, Canada) and Mercy Air (U.S.A and South Africa) have cooperated for many years using aircraft to bring much needed help to the people of Mozambique.  SAM Ministries has owned and operated the Cessna 182 (which Indiana Bob flew) which enables us to get into small unimproved airstrips in needy areas.

An airstrip and hangar have recently been built on the SAM Ministries base in central Mozambique and now due to developments in Mozambique Aviation, the aircraft has to be imported and re-registered at an estimated cost of $25,000 and a further $46,000 to operate 200 hours per year.

Mercy Air has been donated a Quest Kodiak aircraft valued at $1,700,000.00.

This is the result of a seven year-long project which is now ready to take flight to assist with SAM Ministries’ critical projects in Mozambique.  Since its purchase, the Kodiak has been upgraded with a cargo pod, weather radar, and new paint, and is now ready to be flown to South Africa to serve in Mozambique. A budget estimate of $50,000 is needed to ferry the aircraft to South Africa and another $110,000 is needed for 200 hours of operation for the first year.

The Task
These aircraft will help us to efficiently achieve these important goals:

  • Providing active support to the 1000 leaders enrolled in our training program in four provinces of the country.
  • Providing health care training and support to numerous communities distant from any effective health care.
  • Providing support to our sustainable agriculture projects in isolated areas. This includes the identification, evaluation, and installation of water pumps as well as the management of animal traction programs for subsistence farmers.
  • Providing support to our orphan programs serving 1600 orphans in 3 provinces.
  • Providing logistic support to the mission personnel as well as providing support for emergency medical situations.
  • Providing efficient transport to qualified professionals who volunteer their valuable time to serve along-side these programs bringing their expertise and training to invest in people who desperately need this help.

The Events
You are welcome to a series of Airport visits by the people and aircraft so you can hear, see, touch and become a part of this incredible story!

Bill Green and Bob Guzak (SAM Ministries), and Ron and Barb Wayner (Mercy Air), will be sharing in the following church services:

–       Richfield Christian Fellowship, Sunday, September 16 (morning service)
–       Fort McMurray Gospel Assembly, Sunday September 23 (all morning services)

Viewing of the aircraft:

–       Red Deer Regional Airport, Penhold, Alberta: Monday, September 17, 7:15 – 9:30 p.m.
–       Wetaskiwin Airport, Wetaskiwin, Alberta: Wednesday, September 19, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
–       Edmonton City Centre Airport (at hangar #15, east of the Edmonton Flying Club): Thursday & Friday, September 20 & 21, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
–       Fort McMurray Airport, Fort McMurray, Alberta: Sunday, September 23, 2:30 – 5:30 p.m.


SAM Ministries Inc. is a Canadian registered Charity operating since 2003 with the mission to Love God and Love People, so they have a chance to Love God and Love People. Empowering people to realize their full potential in the service of others is our goal.