Wonderful Returns!!

Giving a local farmer a couple cows and a plow has amazing long-term pay-offs! Through our Unique Christmas Gifts many of you have given a family a cow or two over the years. The local farmer receives these animals under the condition that they will pay forward two animals to another farmer in need. This has happened, almost without exception, and as a result the person donating does not just help one family but many, many more!

Zaccaria and Faria are two local farmers who benefitted from the program. Zaccaria was one of the first to receive a couple water buffalo when we thought we could access more of these amazing animals. Although we had to transition to distributing cattle, the program has still had an amazing impact! Both of these families paid 2 animals forward to other families a few years ago and today was a special day. These men and their families now have herds big enough to sell cows back into the program to help yet another farmer benefit! Faria now has 17 cattle and Zaccaria 10! Besides multiplying, the animals pull a plow enabling the farmer to produce adequate food for their families. Each family also received an oxcart when they paid the animals forward and are now able to transport their grain home or to market. Not only so, but these carts also carry everything from firewood, to water, to sick people in an emergency!

Celebrate this moment with us and thank you for your generous partnership over the years to help new local farmers each year through your Unique gifts. These gifts literally transform lives and help lift them out of poverty while helping them and others experience the love of God in a powerful and tangible way!

Picture Caption: Zaccaria (left) Fani (center and new beneficiary) and Faria (right) with Zacaria, our orphan graduate from Agriculture school now serving the Animal Traction program