Appropriate Technology

An oxcart for many people may seem a rather outdated piece of equipment! Who on earth would need something like that and for what?

The reality is that in rural Mozambique as in many other countries of the world, an oxcart along with some cattle to pull it, bring dramatic improvement into the lives of those who have one. The reason for this is that although the oxcart is old technology, in this part of the world it is appropriate because it fits the technological and economical level people are at. Are we trying to keep people at this level? No, but the oxcart is an important step in helping people achieve further development.

Janette and Karoline helping a cart to carry the message

An oxcart immediately means one can easily transport lots of water home from the river or well, something that in some cases takes women 6 hours a day to achieve. An oxcart means that when the crop has been harvested, it can be quickly and easily transported home to be stored before thieves steal much of the years food supply. An oxcart means firewood can be easily and quickly transported home, which would otherwise have to be carried on someone’s head a few pieces at a time. And an oxcart also means that when someone is too sick to walk to hospital, they can be transported to get help rather than simply deteriorate lying in a hut far from help. Not only so, but an oxcart can earn a little bit of income (year round) doing some of this work for others as well and that money can be used to purchase the important preventive and curative treatment needed for the cattle to stay healthy and productive.

Leaders who one day will be empowered with this simple but life-changing gift

The result of all these benefits is that people are helped to achieve the ability to survive in what is still a very difficult context. Our Unique Christmas gifts program is a perfect opportunity for you to help us to help people and at the same time demonstrate Christ’s message of love and hope. Even if you are not able to purchase an oxcart yourself, any contribution toward this will be combined with what others give! Thank you!