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Our Unique Gifts provide vital help to people in dire circumstances. It may be a family who needs a cow or plow to help them produce a better crop this year, an orphan child who needs a mosquito net for protection from malaria, or basic medical supplies for a rural health post. These gifts not only show love and compassion, they also offer hope.

Unique Christmas Gifts 2013 brochure

Unique Christmas Gifts 2013 brochure
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Mozambique Gifts
Brazil Gifts
Provide a Care Pack for an Orphan

• $50 (Includes basic necessities such as a blanket, water jug, notebooks, pencils and a toy.)
Sponsor a child for a year

• $420 Sponsor a poor child at Mt. Horeb Christian School for one year.
Or, you can buy the individual items to help make up a care pack:

• $3.50 for a plate and cup

• $5 for either a toy, a mosquito net, or a backpack

• $15 for a blanket
Help a child learn

• $35 Provide a school backpack for a child attending our new school in Cacador.

• $30 Soccer Uniform: Help purchase a uniform so a child can participate in our soccer outreach program.

(Option: $15/piece for either a shirt or pair of shorts and socks instead).

• $22 School kit + a small fruit tree: To strengthen learning, and teach children how to nurture plants.
School Desk

• $150 (Includes an Education Kit.)

• $15 Library or school book
Sponsor a Leader in our Training Program

• $30 To study one Bible/Leadership course

• $75 Provide a Study Bible for a leader

• $120 To study a full year (distance course load--4 courses)
Help People Meet Basic Needs

• $490 A cow for a local farmer

• $250 Plough and supplies

• $1050 Oxcart (or any amount towards a cart)
Emergency Medical Help

• $60 Feed a baby with milk formula for one month

• $40 Container of Tylenol or Ibuprofen (1000)

• $30 Dressing supplies for 40 people (gauze, adhesive, antibiotic salve)

• $15 Malaria treatment for a child

• $6.50 One can of formula
Orphan Home: Change a life by building a home for a needy family.

• $3,500 (or any amount toward this.)

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