A Place of Refreshing and Learning – Bite 2 underway

Training Center Accommodation Units.

Creating a place for refreshing and learning

We have always done our best within our capabilities to provide a safe and secure place to rest for those who attend our intensive leadership training times. Those who attend do so because they believe in the value of training others and have benefitted from the training themselves.  As numbers have grown, it has become progressively more difficult for us to provide adequate space that enables the leaders a chance to  refresh and learn. It has become urgent for us to launch the next phase in our training center development and we welcome you to join us.

It takes a village!

The plan is to construct 4 “villages” of 6 units (or cottages) each. These would be simple cottages (not en-suite) that would house 4 leaders in each making space for 24 leaders per “village” at a time. This will enable us to host pastors, leaders, women, orphan care givers, teachers  etc etc. so they have a place to stay while here for a few days or a week at a time for training. Two “villages” would share a bathroom unit.

How to eat an elephant!

A common illustration we use in Africa whenever facing a big task is to compare it to eating  an elephant. And as the saying goes, “the only way to eat  an elephant is to eat it one bite at a time”!  Our strategy to get this third phase done is to simply build as we have support and the minimum we need to start is  $7,500 (that is why we have set this as the initial goal) since it would allow us to get the plans for the villages certified and the first cottage built. Every cottage thereafter will cost us $6,500 for a total of $39,000 per village. We estimate the two bathroom blocks to  cost $8,000 each but initially we can use the existing bathrooms that serve the training center itself. This brings the total project cost to $172,000.

News is that the Global Connections Conference at Prairie College  successfully raised $6,500 for one of these units! We are so grateful for their initiative and invite others to take one one! We commit to installing a plaque on each unit in honor of the donor. This unit is now under construction…

Remember, all we need is $6,500 for one more unit and every unit we can build enables us to better serve! Thank you for your prayer and consideration!