February 26th Update–Dwight Lagore And Bill Green

The Annual General Meeting in Mozambique took place on Saturday last week. It was a full day and a good day with many encouraging reports shared of the year’s activities.

Bill Green sharing at AGM

 Bill Green sharing with the Mozambique mission board and members.

Front left to right: Heather Neufeld, Alta and Francois Rauch, Barb and Ron Wayner, Tome Mairose, Dwight Lagore, Pedro Chada, Bill Green. Back left to right: Rick Neufeld, Ricardo Oliveira, Matthew Fernando, Andy Kuret, Joao Benjamim, Simon Nicolau, Celestino Massaule.

On Sunday, Dwight and Bill visited a church in the nearby community of Pina. Dwight shared the following:

“Today we went to church in Pina, at Pastor Mafuta’s church. He is one of our graduates who now heads up 5 churches [which he started]. I was so impressed by the church. It was full from stem to stern and the testimonies shared were significant–people sharing the week’s happenings and how they saw God at work. Bill shared a personal testimony about his sister who was born with Down’s Syndrome and how despite the challenges she faced, at age 18 she won 7 gold medals in the Special Olympics and later won top female athlete of Saskatchewan. He shared what an incredible blessing this child was to the whole family and how thankful they were to have had her in their lives.

Two young ladies committed their lives to Christ after the message, so it was a great morning. Last Sunday was also good and after Joao shared at that church (Pastor Mairosse’s church), 5 gave their lives to Christ. They had the last two weeks’ converts come up and there were around 12 or 13 that came up to be welcomed into the church.”

Their time in Mozambique has gone by quickly, and today, Dwight Lagore and Bill Green leave for Brazil to join Earl Trekofski and the team there. We pray for safe travels for them!

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