Orphan Home Almost Ready!

Sinabale Paradzai (far right) came to our attention about 2 years ago when Dwight Lagore was introduced to him selling ice to earn around a $1 per day to help support his little sister and two brothers (Mariamo, Casamilo and Cerio).  As Sinabale shared the story of his parents’ death and the overwhelming challenges he was facing to supply for his siblings, his lips trembled and his eyes were filled with tears. Not only was the challenge of caring for his family difficult, but he had to quit school in the middle of grade 10 and had little hope of continuing his studies.

Very soon, Sinabale and his siblings were given a chance through our Amigo orphan program. Sinabale started a practicum with our school until we could get him into teacher training. The children were clothed, fed, and the mission ensured they were able to continue their studies with the supplies they needed.

Just before Christmas, we were able to begin construction on a house for them to replace the stick and mud shack (right) that for years has been their home. The new house, in the background, is now nearing completion.

A family in Canada now sponsors these children and others have given to make the house a reality.

“Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did to me,” Jesus said. It’s pretty amazing that we can both demonstrate our love for God and make such a difference in the lives of others all at the same time. Thank you to you who give and love to make this happen.

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