Back in the saddle

“God delegates work to human beings so that we do history together, so to speak.” Philip Yancey

The challenge is, as Yancey points out, that this partnership is somewhat of an “odd couple alliance.” It occurred to me that it is no wonder it is a challenge doing this stuff. God who has all power, all knowledge, and all the resources in the universe sees nothing as an obstacle. The challenge is however for us to somehow keep His perspective in the midst of our terrible and humbling limitations.

As we returned to Mozambique, we have faced a host of challenges that are somewhat normal to us living in this context…broken trailer, broken generators (three of them) and a ton of important work that seems to never really get done regardless of how much life you throw at it! We arrived back just in time to welcome our monitors (who are pastor trainers who lead our extension schools), to a week of intensive training.

A load of tents we brought back are beautiful except that one of them came with no poles meaning a number of these leaders still have to sleep in the training center classroom space. This discomfort is a challenge for us, but a mere inconvenience for them…O how I need this environment to rid me of the first world whines.  Not that any of you out there have them!

Sunrise shining on the tents that did have poles…

As overwhelmed as I feel at times trying to get back in the saddle, I am grateful for the team of good people God has given us to work with. Without them we wouldn’t have a hope of achieving what we do. And most importantly, I am thankful that this is God’s idea and His never failing love for these people and their difficult circumstances assures me that He is with us making history!

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