The projects listed on the “Current Projects” list represent critical needs requiring your help. Although some projects may be more urgent in nature, each one has been identified as important to the ongoing development of the various ministries currently underway.

We invite you to participate in helping to give people a chance where they would otherwise not have one.

Thank you!

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Why Nampula?

Why Nampula?

Nampula is the third largest city of Mozambique and capital--(cont.)
Hope is Alive!

Hope is Alive!

The immediate and amazing response by so many of you--(cont.)
Mucombeze - Caia - Mucombeze

Mucombeze - Caia - Mucombeze

What an historic event! Today I’m taking off for the--(cont.)
The need for a "peace-child" to bring lasting peace and stability

The need for a

The story tells us that the only thing that brought--(cont.)
Another breakthrough on the long journey to certification

Another breakthrough on the

After 5 years of hard work toward getting the airstrip--(cont.)
The Gap--Bridged. At Last!

The Gap--Bridged. At Last!

After six months of hard work shoveling sand, pouring concrete,--(cont.)
Maintenance and Preparation Pay off

Maintenance and Preparation Pay

These past few weeks Lynn, Janette and I flew to--(cont.)
Called to fix broken vehicles so that broken hearts may be fixed

Called to fix broken

I’m very grateful for God calling me to this mission--(cont.)