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10th Annual Banquet Coming Up!

The SAM Ministries 10th annual banquet is coming up soon and we’d love for you to attend!  It will be a great opportunity to enjoy a good time of fellowship together and to hear the latest updates from both Brazil and Mozambique.

The RSVP date is May 11th so there is still time to register.

Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Location: Richfield Christian Fellowship, 3715-85 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Refreshments at 5:00 p.m.
  • Dinner at 5:45 p.m. (catered by Kosmos)

Price: $25/person

  • If you would like to attend but don’t feel you can pay for your ticket, please contact us. We have a limited number of sponsored tickets and would like to help you to be there.
  • If you would like to sponsor extra tickets for somone else, please let us know.


Ph# 780-408-3268, or
Email: sammoff@telus.net

February 26th Update–Dwight Lagore and Bill Green

The Annual General Meeting in Mozambique took place on Saturday last week. It was a full day and a good day with many encouraging reports shared of the year’s activities.

Bill Green sharing at AGM

 Bill Green sharing with the Mozambique mission board and members.

Front left to right: Heather Neufeld, Alta and Francois Rauch, Barb and Ron Wayner, Tome Mairose, Dwight Lagore, Pedro Chada, Bill Green. Back left to right: Rick Neufeld, Ricardo Oliveira, Matthew Fernando, Andy Kuret, Joao Benjamim, Simon Nicolau, Celestino Massaule.

On Sunday, Dwight and Bill visited a church in the nearby community of Pina. Dwight shared the following:

“Today we went to church in Pina, at Pastor Mafuta’s church. He is one of our graduates who now heads up 5 churches [which he started]. I was so impressed by the church. It was full from stem to stern and the testimonies shared were significant–people sharing the week’s happenings and how they saw God at work. Bill shared a personal testimony about his sister who was born with Down’s Syndrome and how despite the challenges she faced, at age 18 she won 7 gold medals in the Special Olympics and later won top female athlete of Saskatchewan. He shared what an incredible blessing this child was to the whole family and how thankful they were to have had her in their lives.

Two young ladies committed their lives to Christ after the message, so it was a great morning. Last Sunday was also good and after Joao shared at that church (Pastor Mairosse’s church), 5 gave their lives to Christ. They had the last two weeks’ converts come up and there were around 12 or 13 that came up to be welcomed into the church.”

Their time in Mozambique has gone by quickly, and today, Dwight Lagore and Bill Green leave for Brazil to join Earl Trekofski and the team there. We pray for safe travels for them!

Leadership Visits to Brazil and Mozambique

Farewells were said at two separate Canadian airports last week as Dwight Lagore and Bill Green headed to Mozambique, and Earl Trekofski left for Brazil.

One of the objectives for the trips is to attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) which will be held over the next few weeks at both locations. This is an important time where the fields report on the previous year’s activities and those planned for the year to come. It is also a time to enjoy fellowship and strengthen ties.

Dwight and Bill will spend 2 weeks in Mozambique during which time they will attend the AGM. It is the first trip for Bill (Executive Director) to Mozambique, so he will experience first-hand the activities on that field. They will then join Earl Trekofski in Brazil for a week where they will attend the Brazil field’s AGM and visit current projects there as well.


 Earl’s departure from Kelowna Airport, Feb. 18th.
(Earl and Ruth Trekofski)


Dwight and Bill’s farewell at Edmonton Int’l Airport, Feb. 13th.
(Patti and Bill Green, Amanda, Dwight, Arthur, Lynn, Gladie, and Steve Lagore)


Dwight and Bill got off to a bumpy start on Monday as their first flight was cancelled. Thankfully they were able to reschedule all their flights for the following day and have since arrived safely in Mozambique.


On a tour of the base, checking progress on staff housing construction (Rick and Heather’s house).
(Rick, Tendai, Dwight, and Bill)


Connecting with kids in the sponsorship program.
(Bill, Joao, and students)

At the time of writing this post, Earl was still in transit to Brazil and we trust for his safe arrival at his destination as well. The next few weeks will be full, busy weeks for these men so your prayers are appreciated as they travel to all the places they must go and encourage the many people they will be in contact with!

Partnerships and furlough news

There is little more exciting than watching people who have chosen to give themselves to partner with God in His amazing work of rescuing people from the destructive influences of a messed up world! We had the privilege over the weekend to be with two churches as well as a number of families and individuals who are supporting or who have started to partner with SAM Ministries to give people a chance!

Saturday we had the fun of sharing lunch and a good afternoon visit with Suzanne and Andrew and their new little arrival, Emmit. Suzanne has led a number of nursing teams to Mozambique and this past year she brought Andrew out to meet us…that is after marrying him. We had the fun of giving them an African wedding ceremony while they were there and our prayers of blessing and good will paid off with the arrival of little Emmit only a month ago. Both Suzanne and Andrew are amazing people with big hearts and we were honored by their willingness to drive so far to enable this reunion.

Sunday morning we started out in Westerose, Alberta where we worshiped and shared with a great group of people who have been partners in this effort for many years now. Their faithful support, prayers and encouragement is characteristic of so many churches and individuals who God is using to make this mission happen.

After a great meal with Pastor Dave and Lisa (his wife) Larson (which some anonymous person paid for without us knowing, God bless them) we headed for Calgary and arrived just in time for the evening meeting.

Todd Green, a columnist and an auto mechanic’s instructor (thegrumpymechanic) at SAIT in Calgary, Alberta Canada, invited us along with Rick Cogbill of Mercy Tech Mission to share with his church about the vocational training started in Mozambique and the need for the maintenance facility presently under construction. As Todd shared his experience and the impact his encounter with Mozambique had made on his life, it was clear that yet again God had recruited another ambassador to represent the needs of people He deeply cares for.

Rick Cogbill, founder of Mercy Tech Mission, who is in a new phase in his journey of faith (along with his dear wife Nan and family), inspired us all to keep digging ditches (an illustration from a Bible story in 2Kings 3:16 ) so God could fill them with His provision to meet not only our needs, but the needs of those who need to be set free from the enemy of their souls! Rick traveled to Calgary for the weekend from Summerland and had the chance to share in a church in Okotokes as well.

Sunday night good family gave us a comfortable bed to rest in, warm friendship, and then it was back to Edmonton to prepare for another busy week of sharing this adventure with others.

Thanks to all the churches and good friends who have opened their homes and hearts to us over this past month.