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Maintenance and Preparation Pay off

These past few weeks Lynn, Janette and I flew to South Africa for the annual maintenance on the aircraft as well as a number of other important appointments.   Although we anticipated a very routine inspection on the aircraft that would maybe just take a couple days, due to the age of the aircraft an unexpected list of inspections popped up that absolutely had to be done. So even though a normal inspection requires the aircraft to be taken apart substantially, many more things had to be taken apart for … Read More

Gimme Milk!

“I am in the milk program.” ” I am trying to grow big and strong.” “Is that milk over there?” “Gimme that milk.”   Orphaned baby who benefits from our infant milk program. What a joy to be able to help beautiful little ones like this! By Jenn Sanders



For my time here in the bush, I knew I would get to work one on one with different people of this community. Being a nurse, my visits aren’t usually because of something good. I never thought throughout my 6 months of being here that one man, with a broken leg, would still be on my “to see” list. Manuel was hit by a car on April 20, 2014 and suffered a compound break in his one lower leg. The bone was broken in several places and it had even … Read More

Lynn & medical team

On Call–bush style

Earlier this month, we enjoyed a week-long visit from a medical team from the U.S. and Mercy Air South Africa. It was a fairly well-rounded experience as they got some time to see sick people at rural health posts as well as attend to sick-calls in village huts (after a fairly long bush walk in the dust). And there were several good opportunities for teaching and learning for all involved too.     Part of the team’s focus was teaching and equipping those on the ground here. This included techniques … Read More

When Women Can Read

Where women can read, infant and under-5 mortality rates are lower. There is also better nutrition and hygiene in the home, education of the children, and increased health awareness. It has been said that the education of women is one of the key determiners of the health and survival of families. Entire communities fare better when women can read. In rural Mozambique, where our mission is located, approximately 70% of women cannot read, and the infant and under-5 mortality rate hovers around 10-20% (conservative estimate). This is why our women’s … Read More