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Signs of a new school year beginning!

Time to Catch Up and Get Organized…a New School Year has begun!

It is good to be back in Mozambique! As the Sponsorship Coordinator…there are a LOT of things to get caught up on after being gone for six months and having a new school year start. One consistent thing in the sponsorship program especially here is CHANGE…in all forms… good, exciting, disappointing and challenging. This seems to apply even more when a new school year begins. Lots of things are changing and it feels a little chaotic for me. I like to have things organized and systems in place to have things run as smoothly as possible…details and accuracy is … Read More

woman and baby receive maize

Hunger Crisis!

With so many challenges facing our world, it is not easy to share yet another, and yet we must. Southern Africa is facing a food crisis not seen for decades. The estimate for South Africa which normally grows the lion share of the food for the region is that they expect less than half last year’s production. This was less than half the previous years production. The simple reason is drought that has intensified over the past few years caused, we are told, by the “strongest El Nino weather event … Read More

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Milk please, x3

Nothing is as cute as babies in baby product advertisements. Their cute, chubby faces proclaim “I love life and I’m thriving, don’t you want to snuggle me?!” We are pleased to have some of these in our infant milk program too, like Otilia. Otiria was born a month premature, to mom so sick we didn’t expect her to live. They lived in a mud hut with the granny and had very little food to eat. The granny sold some of their precious and scarce corn to pay transport fare to bring … Read More

Prosper and Joao in front of the mission maintenance workshop

“It’s a real thing and it’s happening!”

For a young man like Joao (John) Wison to even get a high school education is a very big deal in Mozambique, especially when you are from the bush! Here is Prosper our mechanic and team members’ latest experience as told by him. Keep Prosper in your prayers as he lives out God’s calling and mentors other young men. Loving God and loving people so that they have a chance to love God and love people. It seems like it is just a phrase, but it’s not just a phrase, … Read More

Mae Ivone

The difference Christs’ presence makes!

“I was on my way home for lunch,” shared Carlito (our woodworker), “and as I was about to cross the highway, I looked down the highway and noticed Mae Ivone (Mother Ivone, the wife of Pastor Mariano our orphan coordinator and recent graduate) just standing by the side of the highway! I decided to go and see what was going on, so I rode my bicycle down to where she was. When I arrived she was just standing there and praying. Close beside her was an elderly widow who had … Read More