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The Library is Open!

We are so pleased to announce that today we celebrated the official opening of our school’s library in Mozambique. We are so thankful to those who have joined hands with us-generous and hard working people-to help make this possible at last! Much preparation went into place before the big event and I couldn’t help but snap this shot of our head brick layer and “capitão” blowing up balloons so we could decorate. Everyone’s hearts were in this! Local area VIP’s shared in the joyous event and did the honor of … Read More

Lasting Relationships!

Ron Wayners words can likely be quoted by all who know him… “It is relationship that counts because it is the only thing we will take to heaven with us!” And through thick and thin Ron and Barb have worked overtime to maintain and build relationship. We were privileged to meet them soon after they landed in Nelspruit, South Africa with the dream to launch Mercy Air. We had a dream to get SAM Ministries established in Mozambique with what felt like the far-fetched dream to operate an aircraft to … Read More

Twin Success Story

Out here where poverty prevails and the struggle for survival is very real, the arrival of twins is as much a concern as it is a joy. It is common knowledge that if twins are born, only one will survive. To a large degree this is true because people in rural areas are well acquainted with the cycle of harvest and then hunger as grain supplies get used up. This of course impacts a mom’s ability to produce sufficient milk. Our infant milk program helps save precious, little lives–not only orphaned or undernourished babies, … Read More

Women and Learning

The women’s ministry has been abuzz of late not only with the sounds of sewing machines as they work on craft projects, but also with learning new things in a number of areas. (Women’s craft production in progress. Especially exciting is to have our school girls come in and learn practical skills–girl at table is Marta, the girl who lost her leg, but not her life, to poisonous snake bite). Two weeks ago, we held an Education Workshop/Seminar for all at the mission who are involved in teaching basic literacy, including of … Read More

What would motivate you to ride more than 80 km on a Saturday?

“When we started to study, we had to ride 43km to Chemba every Saturday for class and then ride home again. This was very hard but we wanted to learn!” This statement by one of the three graduates in Capanga, Mozambique gives you just a hint of how important it is that we provided the opportunity for leaders who so badly want to learn. These leaders really have to learn so they can provide sound teaching and direction for their churches and communities!   This past week Pastor Ricardo (our … Read More